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Our Vision

Creating a Community

We strive to be more than a clinic. We envision Monarch Wellness as a sanctuary where patients conquer the burden of their symptoms, regain their strength, and reclaim their quality of life. We aspire to foster an empowering and supportive environment that not only promotes physical recovery but also inspires a greater sense of independence and resilience.

Our Story

Monarch Wellness is a tribute to my patients and to my parents, John and Carol Gadsby. My family has been touched by cancer, as many families have. My father was a warm and mild mannered man, easy to smile and share a dad joke. My father was a quiet family man but he would get a spark in his eye whenever he sensed a new adventure. He always encouraged me to try new things and grow in whatever direction I was leaning in. As a younger man, he worked with heavy metals in the Navy. In his early  60’s he was diagnosed with Metastatic bladder cancer.  I ended up taking time out of my career to be a caregiver for him and later for my mother.  I know the fatigue of going to multiple appointments all over the state and the strain of sitting in sterile waiting rooms. I also know the value of finding a community that supports and understands what you are going through.


I bring this perspective into my work. I see how cancer affects every part of a person. Patients talk to me about how their physical body feels but also about their struggles with nutrition and their feelings surrounding their disease. I often found myself saying, “I have this dream of a clinic where a patient can come in and have PT, Nutrition, Mental Health Counseling, and feel like they are part of a community in the same place”.  Without really realizing it, I was also making a list of the things I wanted in a workplace: patient centered care, evidence-based practice, collaboration between specialties, a comfortable space, and a reasonable work life balance for clinicians. I scoured the job boards and I did not find that clinic.  One day it hit me, to work in that clinic I would have to create it, and so Monarch Wellness was born.  


I had never before envisioned myself as a business owner.  In fact I have said, on more than one occasion, that it was something I would never do.  But here I find myself so excited to bring Monarch Wellness to life.  When I am starting something new I often wonder what my father would think as a gut check.  I know if I could tell my father about Monarch Wellness he would give me the sparkle of a smile that means we are bound for a new adventure.

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