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Geana Kelbaugh

Office Manager | Billing Specialist

Geana Kelbaugh is a dedicated professional with a multifaceted background that seamlessly blends her passion for intellectual exploration with a commitment to administrative excellence. 

Geana graduated from Notre Dame of Maryland University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, accompanied by a minor in English. Her passion for intellectual discourse allows her to approach issues logically and appreciate the beauty of diverse perspectives.

Geana has been working in medical offices since 2019.  She is drawn to this work because it allows her to connect with and serve this community.  Geana has the unique ability to create order where there would otherwise be chaos.  Her work ethic and creative problem solving have been essential in the start-up of Monarch Wellness. 

Geana's dedication to excellence extended to her pursuit of professional development, as evidenced by her completion of Billing Training through AMBA from 2022 to 2023. This endeavor solidified her expertise as a Billing Specialist, equipping her to navigate the intricacies of healthcare finance with finesse and accuracy.

Geana became a first time mother in March of 2023 and enjoys staying active through various forms of exercise, including yoga, running, and walking. She is an avid reader and is also creative in the kitchen. 

As an Office Manager and Billing Specialist, Geana Kelbaugh embodies a unique blend of intellectual curiosity, administrative prowess, and a heart for community service.

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