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 Cancer Rehabilitation at 
Monarch Wellness

Cancer and its associated treatments, such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and immunotherapy, often exact a considerable physical and emotional toll on a survivor. This can affect their ability to engage in daily activities both at home and in the community. Recognizing the need to address these challenges, Monarch Wellness goes beyond the conventional clinic model, positioning itself as a sanctuary for cancer rehabilitation. With a commitment to tailoring individualized care plans, Monarch Wellness seeks to empower patients in reclaiming their quality of life.

Our Cancer Rehab Program

Our research driven approach to cancer rehab emphasizes recognizing our clients as individuals and identifying their individual medical, physical, emotional and social needs.  We understand that cancer effects patients from the time of diagnosis through the rest of their lives and as our patients change so do our treatment plans. 


Physical Therapy

Musculoskeletal Dysfunction

Cancer Related Fatigue


Neuromuscular Impairment

Abnormal Balance 

Cardiac Health

Functional Movement

Healthy Salad


Appetite & Taste Changes

Biomechanical Challenges 

Meal Planning

Cancer Related Fatigue

Social Considerations

Weight Management

Senior Physiotherapy

Exercise Physiology

Cardiac Training


Functional Mobility

Healthy Habit Forming

Improved Bone Density

Reduced Risk of Recurrence

Social and Emotional Benefits

Women in pink outfits joining in a circle for breast cancer awareness against a dark wall.

Join our 12-week cancer rehab program

This research driven program uses our collaborative care model to address the specific concerns of our cancer patients while building healthy habits for a lifetime. 

Physical Therapy:  Prior to clients will be evaluated by our physical therapist to determine their appropriate level of activity and address any specific physical needs. The physical therapist with schedule follow-up appointments as necessary.   

Exercise: Clients will participate in twice weekly 2 small group exercise sessions lead by our highly trained exercise physiologist. This allow the health benefits of exercise paired with the emotional benefits of community during this challenging health journey.


Nutrition: Clients will meet one on one with our nutritionist for one hour long assessment and five 30 minute follow up sessions.  

Community: Participants are invited to participate in any group classes or community events during their program.

cost: $900 for $1200 value


Group Classes

Our group classes are a great way to invest in your health whilst simultaneously building community.

Meet the Team

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