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Rachel Lintz, ASCM-EP, EIM-II

Exercise Physiologist

Rachel’s passion for exercise began in her youth as a dancer. She fell in love with the strength and discipline that dance cultivates, but noticed a lack of education using nutrition and physical conditioning to enhance performance and prevent - or recover from - injury. She majored in Kinesiology at Pennsylvania State University, where she continued to focus on the intersection of exercise, dance and health. She also gained practical experience through internships in exercise physiology, performance coaching and personal training. 


Upon graduation, Rachel was invited to work as a Research Associate with the Oncology, Nutrition and Exercise (ONE) Group at the Penn State Cancer Institute, where she assisted several post-doctoral researchers in their studies, many of which led to publication. This experience exposed a profound sense of fulfillment working with patients to relieve pain and improve overall health, while also deepening her knowledge of functional strength, performance, and rehabilitation programs. Additionally, Rachel’s family has been deeply affected by cancer, and has since been the drive of passion for working with cancer patients and survivors. 

Having assisted with cancer research that helped to establish the benefit of evidence-based physical activity and nutrition interventions, Rachel is excited to bring her skills and experience full circle by implementing those findings directly with patients as a member of the Monarch Wellness team. In her free time, Rachel enjoys weightlifting, photography, and spending time with her dog Brave.

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